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Canadian Life Companies Split Corp. is a portfolio consisting of four publicly traded Canadian Life Insurance Companies.


Two types of shares are available, a Class A (LFE) and a Preferred (LFE.PR.B).


To view a Split Share Fund overview please click here.

Great-West Lifeco Inc.

iA Financial Corporation Inc.

Manulife Financial Corporation

Sunlife Financial Inc.



Shares held within the Portfolio are expected to range between 10-30% in weight but may vary from time to time. Top holdings by weight may include holdings other than the core holdings and up to 20% of the net asset value may be invested in equity securities of foreign life insurance companies or other Canadian or foreign financial services corporations (per the Prospectus).




Preferred Shares:

(i) to provide holders of the Preferred Shares with fixed, cumulative preferential monthly cash dividends at a rate equal to the greater of:  6.5% OR Prime Rate plus 2% (max of 8%) annually based on the $10.00 original issue price, and;
(ii) on or about the termination date of December 1, 2024 (subject to further 6 year extensions thereafter), to pay the holders of the Preferred Shares the $10 original issue price of those shares.


Class A Shares:

(i) to provide holders of the Class A Shares with monthly cash dividends as the directors of the Company may from time to time determine, and;
(ii) on or about December 1, 2024 (subject to further 6 year extensions thereafter) to pay the holders of Class A Shares such amounts as remain after paying the holders of the Preferred shares the amounts owing to them.


​Preferred Shares:


  • Fixed cumulative monthly dividends*

  • Quality investments

  • Downside protection and asset coverage

  • Competitive Yield


Class A Shares:


  • Targeted monthly cash dividends*

  • Quality investments

  • Leverage to performance of high quality stocks

  • Capital appreciation potential

    *For the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any similar provincial legislation, the Company designates any and all dividends paid on both its Class A and Preferred shares as “eligible dividends” unless the Company indicates otherwise.



Holdings Sorted by weight as at December 30, 2022:

Manulife Financial Corp

Sun Life Financial Inc

iA Financial Corporation Inc

Great-West Lifeco Inc

January 13, 2023    
NAV Pre-Distribution:      $13.68
Distribution:      $0.00
NAV Net of Distribution:      $13.68
NAV + Total Distributions Paid to Date:      $31.82

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